At Dannevirke South School we value the importance of a successful transition for new entrants to start school.  We believe that a smooth and well-informed transition to school empowers children to achieve greater social and academic success.

The Transition Programme takes place in Room 1 with Miss Hutchings.  This is a programme run for the next 8-10 students due to start at our school.  Four Year olds will be given the opportunity to spend up to 4 months at South School every alternative Tuesday/Thursday morning.  There will be no more than 8 students attending the programme at any given time.  We start at 9 am and go through to the end of morning tea at 11.20 am.  Once they have completed the morning, students will then be returned back to their early childhood centre or picked up by a parent/caregiver.

The purpose of this programme is:

  1. To ensure that the transition to school process is a positive experience for students and their parent/caregivers.
  2. To ensure that children and their parents/whanau are supported through the transition to school process.
  3. To ensure consideration is given to individual and cultural needs.
  4. To facilitate opportunities to develop and maintain positive and open relationships with the early childhood centres and REAP facilitators which serve our school community.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with the school office.