Declan, Jaxon and Miller from Room 3 had an interest in robots.  They began by making a robot out of old appliance parts.  Next they worked independently to make a Vex IQ robot that went forwards and backwards.  Then they added the claws so that they could pick up a ball and store it at the back of the robot.  Here is a video of what they have achieved.

The boys now want to work with a Lego Mindstorms EV3 which they will start to program using a chromebook.

Well done boys.

South Blue Netball Team

Congratulations to our South Blue netball, team winners of the A grade competition, winning 21-19 to Huia Hawke’s.

Congratulations also to South Silver who got runner up in C grade.

2019 Mathex Competition in Palmerston North

On Friday 9 August 2019 3 teams of 4 travelled to Palmerston North to compete in the Manawatu Mathex Competition.  The teams had 20 minutes to solve 5 practical maths problems and then 15 minutes to solve as many quick fire questions as they could.

Well done to the teams:

Year 6 – 7th equal (Ewan, Isaiah, Dimitri and Alvin)

Year 7 – 4th equal (Bayly, Caitlin, Dani and Greer)

Year 8 – 24th equal (Charlotte, Riana, Grace and Bryan)

A big thank you to the parents who transported the teams to and from the event.

2019 Inter School Maths Competition

On Thursday 8 August we had 4 teams representing South School at the Inter School Maths Competition at Ruahine School  The teams had 25 minutes to solve as many quick fire questions as they could.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Year 5 & 6 1st Place – Year 6 team – Ewan, Dimitri and Alvin

Year 7 & 8 3rd Place – Year 7 team – Bayly, Caitlin and Dani

South Mini Yellow Hockey

“We love hockey because you get to make new friends and work together to get goals. We needed to work on our stopping and passing and our marking up, which is defending. Our team is cool and it’s all about having fun. When we won our trophy we felt really happy and excited”. – Ali and Kade from South Mini Yellow

Coding of drones and Riparian Planting – Te Puawai 2 July 2019

On 2 July 2019 we had 3 instructors from the PTC Trust (Partnership Through Collaboration) work with our Year 7 and 8 students.  They began with learning how to code to make a drone fly, then did a practical activity trying to fly the drone through an obstacle course.  After morning tea, they headed out to the Barrow farm and learned about riparian planting.  In groups they planted a swamp area and were then shown what this would look like in about 6 years time.

PTC is a registered Trust with a vision to create a distinctive platform that twins the pursuits of science and technology with the awareness of culture, language and the value of indigenous people.

Te Tipu Whanau Celebration 2 July 2019

Bullying by Room 7


Cross Country Year 4-8 11 June 2019

Cycle Safety Skills

2019 EPro8 Challenge

New Playground

Play Based Learning

2018 Senior Camp