Values Education & Social Skills

The Dannevirke South School Board of Trustees recognises that children's values reflect the values of the home, school and community.

Having consulted with parents/caregivers and teaching staff, the board will ensure that particular emphasis will be placed on Honesty, Respect and Confidence and through fostering these and other accepted values, develop a high level of social responsibility.

Examples of other values:

Trustworthiness Cooperation Reliability
Work ethic Good manners Caring
Independence Pride Integrity
Fairness Friendship Honesty
Courtesy Perseverance Loyalty
Compassion Determination Creativity
Courage Consideration Self-Discipline
Excellence Tolerance  

Social Skills Programme

Specific social skills are taught on a weekly basis throughout the school.  Skills are identified based on need and reflect and reinforce values, school rules, commendations or current issues and concern.

Teachers are required to develop appropriate resources to suit their level and to specifically teach each focus area for that week.

Examples include:

  • Using appropriate language
  • Appreciation - How do we show it?
  • Reliability - What does this mean at your level?
  • Commitment - What does being committed mean?
  • Service - To the school, to the class, to others?
  • Cooperation - With teachers, each other, in sport
  • Enthusiasm - For school, friends, family etc
  • Consideration - For others
  • Trustworthy - What does it mean at your level?
  • Caring - How do we show that we care?
  • Greeting people