Learning in the Cloud

Have you heard of "cloud computing?"

Instead of storing computer resources on your own computer, they're located "in the cloud." This "cloud" is, in fact, the Internet.

At Dannevirke South, we are currently trialling  Google Apps for Education, an online workspace for staff and students.

Google Apps offers these key applications: 

  • Email
  • Word Processing
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery

Please note:

  • The school owns/controls every user's account.  What your child gets is not the same as signing up for a public Googleor GMail account.
  • The intention is to provide a private online workspace for students so they can study, learn, record, reflect, collaborate, publish and share online. Email, sharing and publishing outside the school will be managed by the school.
  • Email will not be offered to younger students.
  • We are aware that cyber safety & security are important issues, and will actively monitor student behaviour online, student and teacher feedback and, of course, what we hear from parents.

If you're a school parent and wish to discuss this project further, or would prefer your child not to participate in the trial, please contact Principal, Stephen Snell.